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Our true long time passion lies with travel photography. Always having a travel adventure in sight our long time future plan is to experience and understand different cultures, especially nomadic tribes around the world. Whilst capturing images on camera it is important to us to understand the culture we have been privileged to be part of. Talking to the local people and learning about their day to day life brings a richness and quality to our images. We like to feel that when we return to the U.K we not only bring home photographs, but images that tell a story. We have both travelled extensively throughout our early years believing always to respect and listen to people along the way.

Our project for 2008 is to travel to Kenya with a film crew for 3 weeks to live with the Massai tribe. Our journey will take us into their world, where we will be exposed to body scarification, adornment, fabric designs, beads and their colour representation as well as their hair designs. Our aim is to bring the knowledge we have gained from them as well as their skills, and fuse them into our culture combining them with a western influence. With the support, knowledge and skills of up and coming local fashion designers we will be hosting a fashion show a long side a photographic exhibition and short film, with a view to tour the UK college fashion departments and schools

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